Cheryl's meticulous attention to detail, her strong work ethic, and her quality-driven work style are all reasons to choose her. Cheryl delivers quality product on time! She's flexible and will respond with a mature professionalism when put under pressure. I highly recommend her.

Ginny Munroe, Indexing Manager (Pearson)

I thoroughly enjoyed working with Cheryl on my book, Intrusion Detection Honeypots. I came to her with a tight timeline and high expectations, and both were met. She was incredibly professional, clarified expectations clearly, and delivered a great index that I was proud to have included in my book. A year after someone reads my book they’re going to remember something from it and want to look it up. I have confidence that they’ll flip to the index and find it quickly. I’m proud to have Cheryl as a part of my team and I look forward to working with her again on my next book.

Chris Sanders, author Intrusion Detection Honeypots

If you want to work with someone who will exceed every expectation, Cheryl Lenser is that person. Her work is impeccable, and she is calm and professional no matter how urgent the deadline. Above all, I'm impressed with the quality of Cheryl's work--she is a master of her craft, and when I need indexing advice for my own work, she is the person I contact. Cheryl has earned my highest respect and she'll earn yours too.

Erika Millen, Indexer (Pearson)

Cheryl is an excellent indexer who is both thorough and precise. She is a dedicated problem solver--if a book was over or under page count, she'd make creative adjustments to an index to help me meet my target without sacrificing quality. In addition, she went above and beyond to deliver indexes on schedule, even when faced with delays and seemingly impossible deadlines.

Elaine Wiley, Project Editor (Pearson)

She's a wonderful indexer--detailed, on-time, and accurate. Even under tight deadlines, Cheryl delivered consistent quality that I knew I could count on. 

Betsy Gratner, Senior Project Editor (Pearson)

Cheryl is a true professional and an extremely organized individual. Our work was very deadline driven, and Cheryl met every deadline. She is well respected in her field, and I was proud to be her colleague/manager. 

Kristy Hart, Managing Editor (Pearson)

I have worked with Cheryl Lenser for eighteen years. In that time she has proved to be one of the most fair, honest, and detail-oriented people I have ever worked with. Her skills are sharp, quick, and the quality of her work is top-notch. I highly recommend her in any endeavor that is presented. 

Larry Sweazy, author and indexer (WordWise
Publishing Services)