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I offer a variety of publishing services, primarily indexing but also some types of editing including proofreading, project editing, and cold reads/consistency checks.
Indexing services

Back-of-the-Book Indexing

I can create subject, name, author, or any combination of index types required for your book. For these types of projects, I normally work from PDFs and provide a Word file of the finished index(es).

Embedded Indexing

For your Cambridge University Press (CUP) project, I can provide embedded indexing links in either a Word file or on a marked-up PDF. For other embedded projects, I add index tags directly in your Word or InDesign file for your publisher.

Editng services

Proofreading/Consistency Checking

Project Editing

From a PDF of your nearly-complete project, I will proofread the text for typos and grammatical errors, verify adherence to your preferred style guide, and flag any inconsistencies. I provide a marked-up PDF for your review.

I can keep your project on track by ensuring that every element is delivered to the compositor, proofreader, illustrator, and others in a timely manner and will generate items such as table of contents, photo credits, and back matter as needed.

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